Justin Juarez

Team Leader / Employing Broker

Email justinjuarez@kw.com

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Britt Dolifka

MCA / Finance and Operations

Email klrw273@kw.com

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Cheryl Carey

Director of Agent Services

Office 303-539-5700

Email Cheryl.Carey@kw.com

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Bryan Bernard

Assistant Team Leader

Email bryan@goco-living.com

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Eva Garcia

Productivity Coach

Email Eva.Garcia@kw.com

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Steven Di Lisio

Technology Ambassador

Email Steven.DiLisio@kw.com

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Jeff Wambolt

Supervisory Broker/ Productivity Coach

Email jeffwambolt@kw.com

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Brian Smith

Operating Partner

Email briansmith@kw.com

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Amy Campbell

Compliance Officer

Email a.campbell@kw.com

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